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Hector Molina

David Karam

Men we have been called to


What did our Speakers say?

Man up and reconcile with your parents - Honor your father and mother @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Pray or be damned. If you don't want to spend even 5 min a day with Him, you don't want to spend eternity with Him @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Do you have daily, committed prayer time? If not, you have violated the first commandment. @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

The closer you are to God, the more closely you see your sinfulness @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Christianity is the forgetfulness of self not the focus on self @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Ask yourself each night, did you do one unselfish thing that day? @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Being a Christian is not about doing moral things, it is about letting Jesus live through you @FrLarryRichards ‪#‎ccmc16‬

The first step Lazarus teaches us is REMOVE - we must remove the stones in our lives @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

The church teaches that being good is not good enough - just going to church on Sunday is not enough! @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

The second step Lazarus teaches us is RESPOND - We need to come forth in obedience to the Words of Christ @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

The third step Lazarus teaches us is RELEASE - @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16

Everyday is a struggle to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

As iron sharpens iron, so another man helps you in your journey to sainthood @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16

The fourth step is REVEAL - once Lazarus's bandages came off, it revealed the work and glory of God! @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Conversion is a process - it takes time @HectorMolinaJr ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Catechesis is crucial if we are going to engage a culture that does not know Christ -David Karam ‪#‎ccmc16‬

It was Paul, who because of his catechism and his conversion, is one of the greatest teachers of our faith -David Karam ‪#‎ccmc16‬

We are weighed now by sin and our faith makes us more aware of what we could be. God is merciful, use it! -David Karam ‪#‎ccmc16‬

What is our response to God's call? Discipleship is responsibility and duty 

The great challenge is not how our culture is going to change but who is going to change it; The answer is "follow me" -David Karam ‪#‎ccmc16‬

Grace might be freely given by God but is not cheap -David Karam‪#‎ccmc16‬

We can't just be Catholic for an hour a week -David Karam ‪#‎ccmc16‬


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