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and the Virtue of Faith

Dear Brothers,

These are urgent and pressing times. Our nation is wrestling anew with wounds caused by the evil of racism while at the same time dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdown. In addition to the tremendous social unrest, economic losses, divisive election season, rioting, and attacks on law enforcement, we are seeing outright attacks on our faith Catholic faith. The attacks range from vandalizing sacred statues to an unveiled attempt to disqualify people from public service because they are both practicing and believing Catholics. Many local governments are unfairly limiting the freedom of the Church through unnecessarily burdensome COVID restrictions that are not applied to other types of gatherings. Recently the Archbishop of San Francisco, Arcbishop Salvatore Cardileone was forced to publicly plead for the right of worship to be restored (click here to read more).

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The Catholic Men’s Ministry is a Catholic Lay Apostolate primarily serving the Diocese of Columbus. Called to be saints, centered on Christ and inspired by St. Joseph, our primary purpose is to bring men to Christ.


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